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The Game

Play through a plethora of unique environments while battling the most dangerous monsters in the universe!

Join the battle in this retro-style 2D action platformer. Oh, and bring your friends.

The Story

Today, you embark on your first mission as a crew member of the Supernova Extraction Squad. You meet your squadmates at the Docking Station. They all seem prepared, as if they’ve done this a million times.

“Ready, Bud?” Says Recon Officer Forgman. Before you can answer, he continues: “Don’t worry, this should be an easy one! If you do well, we will then head to Pleiades.”

You notice the captain’s hollow stare as Recon Officer Forgman mentions Pleiades. Something serious awaits there... But you put that aside and focus on the task at hand. You get inside your Lightship, and warp towards the Hyades star cluster. Good luck, Fighter!


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